These pages include articles and advice on various anchor topics.

Alongside details a method used to hold a yacht safely alongside a ladder in poor weather in a port subject to a large tidal range

At anchor describes our experiences in Straitshooter riding out fresh-to-strong winds in the Gulf of Corinth.

C-links is the write-up of tests carried out for YM on links sold for connecting lengths of chain together to enable them to pass through a windlass.

Chain gives dimensions, composition and further information about chain used for anchoring

Connectors is the write-up of destructive testing carried out on a large number of anchor-to-chain connectors and shackles, printed in Yachting Monthly in 2006

Lines ashore gives practical assistance to this useful Mediterranean technique

Regalvanising details my experience in rejuvenating chain that had become rusty after only three years of use.

Windlass describes the innovative fitting of a vertical windlass to ensure the maximum drop of chain into a locker.

Fork Mooring includes a video showing how effectively this technique for reducing yawing can work.