Information about the metals commonly used in yacht construction, how and where to use them and ways in which they fail.

The tabs are organised alphabetically as follows:

  • Anodes. Aluminium and zinc anodes, composition and use.
  • Brass and Bronze. The principal differences between copper alloys and problems that affect them in yacht duties. This page includes information and examples of dezincification of seacocks and other fittings.
  • Corrosion. Describes general and galvanic corrosion problems.
  • Crevice. A form of corrosion that affects alloys relying on a passive oxide film for corrosion resistance. The main ones are stainless steels and aluminium alloys.
  • Electro. Particular problems that occur when electric currents are applied to metals. Also includes use of anodes and what happens when they are mis-used.
  • Fatigue. Information and examples of this mechanical failure mechanism that principally affects rigging and its fittings but cannot be ignored anywhere that cyclic stress exists.
  • Hardness testing. A simple means of comparing the hardness of a Rocna anchor shank with a known standard
  • SCC. Describes the causes of stress-corrosion cracking and shows some examples